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La Via del Sale

In 1996, the regional government of Tuscany proposed a re-evaluation of the economic, social and cultural structures of Medieval Tuscany launching the project ‘Tuscany in the Middle Ages - the Via Francigena’.

Within this project MUSICA RICERCATA founded the festival ‘La Via del Sale’ which is held every year in various parts of southern Tuscany, focusing on two principal objectives: first, to introduce the audience to a historical vision of musical development, from its most remote origins to contemporary times; and second to direct attention to the ‘minor’ places in Tuscany, which nonetheless are notable for their natural beauty and their more human rhythm of life.

In this sense, the ‘Via del Sale’, which in 1998 and 1999 was selected for the European Community programme L.E.A.D.E.R. II (Liaison Entre Actions de Développment de l’Économie Rurale), can be considered as a two-sided project which unfolds in both space and time.